Love Madness


A storm just for me ripples the very skies; rain-veins on the windows as my candle burns with a hiss. I just killed a man, not a man but myself. My sanity has gone forever and all that this world is left with is the condition. From the clouds their improper faces which glare at my improper soul, spit at my feet, walking in puddles.

Time is the biggest of killers to me. I wish, I wish, I am choking on this wishbone. Within me is only without you. They are the people of the dawn and I am the son of the night, bullets and knives make my halo but loss takes a chunk of body and thread. I screamed for you, your name rang in my ear.

When from the shadows comes brightening hate,

Take their skin and their bones shall break,

Burn their eyes and stab their hearts,

Take their heads and tear them apart.

I am a black flower now in bloom, these words are my toxins. Greatness has no fear, I shall be born great, observe. Would you like some life along with that body?  I will poison their minds with my venomous behaviour. The war inside me rages on. Where I will take you now, your eyes will be my weapon.

Finding an equal heart takes time, but losing that heart takes another. They say revenge upon love is the evilest of actions one can do; but the loss of you made the anger build and build and build until a smile arose upon my face and an idea was brewed. Now in the clutches of death we think about the people we would like to bring with us – Good and bad.

Can you hear that? That is the world bleeding, crying with discomfort and it is all because of me! I am never forever but for never.  Life or death, neither would survive within me if I only committed to my true nature.

I am holding this world’s fate within my palm, paradise or purgatory, everlastingly within a plummet. A dire need for fire or love, torn would be the word between worlds, neither for me.

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