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Who Am I? 2

Monsters dine here; bring your own knives and pitchforks. Flies buzz overhead feasting on what I have left; envious of them, I shouldn’t be here either.  Finger-nailing the cracks of paint hang nailing off from the wall, waiting, I fester all time. I hear a man’s laughter after my manslaughter; take me apart piece by piece as if I were a Russian doll. Your holy words have unholy meanings. Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… There goes my heart, tricking the monitor again, there is nothing there. Can you reach into my soul and pull back the goodness?

I run, run fast, until the wind is in my eyes and the cold air drags the tears over my dry skin. What have I become? This was not part of the plan. This is not me. Where did I leave my mind? It’s empty, mind the gap. They deem and demand my demon demeanour. I break out in smile and break my teeth just for them. Eat these wordy thoughts, my pages are always filled. You sleep on sheets, and I don’t lie, remember, the early bird catches the bookworm. Quiver against my quill and I shall quench your conquest for quality not quantity. This page I go Cray on, mark my words,I’m just showing you my true colours until you’ve felt my pen.

You don’t stand a chance, matter of a fact; you don’t have half the stance to stand if you stood half the chance. There is no stopping me because there’s no stop in me, I fall by my will and I know I will not fall. I’ve always been taught that minor minds cave; you’ll need miners to uncover these tough, rocked thoughts. I came from the darkness to steal your light; I really am my mother’s sun.

November 12th, 2022. Still here, time has passed, kept it together, had a few laughs, the only thing that has changed are my innards, my beliefs are still as die hard, I guess John McClane and I have a lot in common, we know how to RE-IN-VENT.

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