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Finding Inspiration To Write


Can’t find inspiration to write?

Well, step right up, I have a dose of “What-Was-That!” …This will knock your socks off.

Let me start off by saying, I know the feeling. I am in the same boat sometimes; probably why I drink most-of-the-time. But hey, I am a writer; the life behind the pen comes with a glass of whiskey.

Yes, I know the life of a writer is a depressive one, the outcasts who see too much. I guess that is what they will say for some us when we are laid to rest. To you there is nothing special, I beg to differ. You are a unique machine, if you are anything like me. I write everything I see.

For example.

“The clouds raced overhead as I walked up the flyover. Do they know something I do not? What’s chasing them?”

Yes, I write my own footsteps within my head, the more remedial the better because it is an everyday task we all share and see and once you have shared your words and someone can relate or share a similar experience and bond is made between them and your words.

Inspiration is all around us. My niece waddled up to me “Uncle Lex, I want to be dragon!” This blew my mind and I couldn’t stop laughing. But it amazed me; she wanted to be a dragon. Yes her favourite movie is “How to Train Your Dragon” It is an awesome movie. But that raised a question within my head and a story started to form about a little girl who finds a dragon egg and the egg hatches and the baby dragon thinks the young girl is its mother. So they both share an adventure. It could make for an epic story, don’t you think?

But you can find inspiration, it finds you in different forms, you just have to be ready to catch it when it shows itself.

Now you are probably sitting at your desk, making your pen do somersaults or drawing pointless faces to waste the time. The best thing you can do is write something; write about your feelings on paper. Write about all your problems right there – The bad things that have happened to you. Let your pen show you what you can only think about because you are too afraid to talk about it with people. Write about what makes you smile or the things that make you down. Make sure you go into description when writing so it sounds like a story. At this point I promise you a story will be created not only on paper but in your mind; now you will find your own muse. YOU! I will show you what I mean in my next blog called “Love in the Time of Mental Illness.”

It is always the smallest of things that stop us making the biggest.

Just take it slow. But if you can dream it, you can have it!

Now stop messing around and start writing. Sorry, but you need to be pushed because you are not working to your full potential, are you?


I want to read something amazing and when you’re done, link it to this page so everyone can have a read.

Keep those pens busy!



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  1. Precariat Dab


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    1. alexander87writer

      Hi dude 😁


      1. Precariat Dab

        Have you written something?

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      2. alexander87writer

        Yes, I’ve written everything here. You are welcome to share. 👍🏻

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      3. Precariat Dab

        Can share?

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  2. Minnu Y

    After reading this, I feel like you gotta check out my the desire to write post lol

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    1. alexander87writer

      I will definitely check out your site, Minnu! 😁

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      1. Minnu Y

        Don’t forget to lemma know what you think of that post!


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