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The Warship In Our Worship

First off, there’s things about me, about my past I cannot tell you. Within this heartbeat I would open and give you my heartbeat. I already have all the words, it’s my job to put them in order, us I love. You see my riddled eyes focusing in on my conundrum thoughts. Is this my life now or is it living in never is? I hold to memory of time, but time is the hurter of a passionate lover. Eyes close off, heart shuts down; you are the heroine, superhero not tripping on my cape of deathless. I am broken and you are complete, how can I give you my all when I have missing pieces. I feel this constant paper-cut across my soul, while your deep eyes have fallen for me, these causes are all unforeseen. Now, we’re calling for adultery, set our lives ablaze with orange, internal bleeding, haemorrhaging, you struck my main organ. Even if our brains are never normal, I can always count on your same immortal morals.

I can no longer tell what is real and what is not, this was you’re doing. This broken heart and endless turns within these covers will be my punishment for leading you down my path. Crying with a glass of water held by a shaking hand, you bring me no joy in doing this. Time to love what is good for me, not love what I want. A fresh breeze runs over my pale skin. I will no longer listen to the voices or even pick up that phone, I want my life back! I want pain, I want my talent back, I want my family and most of all I want my emotions back; you stole this from me.

I know I will open up books in the future and see your devastating face as you destroy someone else’s existence. But they will have to pull through your chill by their selves, I cannot help. I must dump you now down the toilet of forever. I can hear you shouting, “How will you survive without me?!” Do you really want to know how I will survive? …Like this, by myself. Buy myself a time-machine and throw you out before you got here, only so you know. Just like you, you won’t see me coming.

I’m clawing my way back to the light from your tantalizing siren love song, now I’m pissed off, no one can control this mental patient, I am ultimate; I will be forever. Life is my drug now and you mean nothing to me, it’s over now… time for it to die. Or is it me.


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