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About Alex

Hello there.

I’m new to the WordPress-verse and I’m looking for a lot of new writing friends, so we can chat and bounce ideas, writing styles/themes/formats to pass the time when writers-block has me in a chokehold. To tell you a little bit about myself, my name is Alex Kennedy.

I have been writing stories predominantly for around 25 years. Gained my first song writing contract at 17. Almost had a movie optioned at 20 (When the music thing died out…. Long story) I have been ghost-writing for people for around five years now, where I helped write a semi-famous person’s biography. Released two novels and currently working on my third.

Had to get out of my own head for a while and I’ve been meaning to join WordPress for a while now. I’m still a newbie on how this platform works and getting in contact with people but I will figure it out. So, if you like, drop by, say Hi and perhaps we could build a friendship or a few stories together.

At the moment, I am not represented by an agency.

First-off I would like to thank you for stopping by…

I write because words are all I have; I’ll out-rightly out write you because you write what is rightly right!

My name is Alexander Kennedy, I am 26 years old and live here in Kingston Upon Hull – England. As a young “Mental Challenged” teen I quickly developed a love for rhyming words (Aspirations of becoming a white rapper/ poet.) But I didn’t know it was the love for the shock of words I loved.
But after a few years on the poet scene I found out the words I used were no longer filling that void within me. I needed a challenge while I was attending a mental health hospital for delusions, unable to tell the difference between reality and dreams, walking around and having terrors form right before his eyes, all the while trying to keep my “Normal life” held together. I found a way out in Short stories and Screenplays. I generated myself as a novice pen-man. But as I marched my way through the writing scene, the words I was using did not have the same effect on me, so thus a novel was needed for his void. Taking all of the distorted images of people and events within my life, I create some of the weirdest and dark toned stories.
To keep my void filled I must still tackle all of my writing on a weekly or daily basis to ensure my pen doesn’t get lazy.


“I have been to hell when I was boy, when I arose from the fires I became a man; now, living out my life as an act to fit in to a place I can never truly be part of, so I write worlds I remember to entertain you from the darkness that raised me.” – “Psycho-Speak” Alex Kennedy.

If you would like to send us a private message, YOU CAN! We will receive your message and relay it back to Alex. The link is below. (NOTE: If you could leave us a short comment upon this page stating you have sent us a message, it would be appreciated, as we are not always on the email. Thank you.)

If you would like to talk to me about my writings or possible representation or guest-blog please use the e-mail below.

“I am a real life Mental Patient. Now I shall show you a world within the one you live in.” – Alex Kennedy


Pages of madness I write and sleep with upon my bedroom walls.

My writing 3
My writing 1
My Writing 2

Keep your pens moving and be safe.


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