Here Lies All Of Me….

Still Here

I am still here. I’ve been busy working on my new novel. Sorry I had to disappear on everyone. I will keep you posted. Thanks for all the love. Drop me a message and I will reply. Be good to one another and I will see you all soon. Love you all! Alex

The Tale of Black Cats & Broken Windows

Here is a Young Adult Fiction Tale and also a lesson to be taught to all of us, from children to adults; respect the people who have live longer than you. And by the time you have read this story you will know why. Please, like, comment, share and subscribe. The Tale of Black Cats and Broken Windows […]

The Not-So Grateful King – Fairy Tale

The Tale of the Not-So Grateful King There once was a king of Sluinn who was in love with the most beautiful black haired maiden in the land. He made the young maiden, Lucia, his queen, post haste; as he knew that he could love no other and nothing as much. At this time he […]

A Muddle Of Poems

Alex’s Poetic side. Please let these stars guide me home,The debt in which I claim, was paid in full,I crossed that line far from the road,Lost my mind, I’ve had prison bars of my own,What do I wish on? When my vision is gone,A two course collision, with a coping mechanism,And brute force…No cross road […]

A Hateful Love Letter

Each blink is too long and each beat is too much to cage and bare, so I shall rip off my eyelids to keep you in my sight’s a little longer and tear through my chest and place myself as a sacrifice to the goddess of my inner war. My lips become unworked and dry without […]

Saved By An Angel – Part 2 – Fallen

Saved By An Angel – Part Two As people shoulder straight through Jack, he seems unmoved by their barge, walking side by side with me. Crowds of people are herding either towards school or work, the whole sidewalk is ram-packed. “Okay, time for a game changer, Natalie. What I am planning to do is to […]

Love Madness

A storm just for me ripples the very skies; rain-veins on the windows as my candle burns with a hiss. I just killed a man, not a man but myself. My sanity has gone forever and all that this world is left with is the condition. From the clouds their improper faces which glare at […]

What Type Of Writer?

For my Writing Friends I stand now; I stand a man with no future as of yet, twiddled by his past and troubled by his condition but still I stand toe to toe – nose to nose with this epic-fail named my life. Yes it may have a detrimental state on my being but in life’s […]

This Pen Is A Monster, It’s The Only One That Gets Me

This pen is a monster; it’s the only one that gets me! I’m coming for it all, one last stand on every piece of paper, crumple it up and use them as bombs or make myself paper aeroplanes. Extremists, Haha! Please… I’m an extreme extremist; I eat terrorists as if they were bubble-gum, see what […]


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