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Tag: Book

  • The Fall Into Love – Short Love Story

    Falling In Love I have finally fell in love and it is about to destroy me on this skyscrapers rooftop. “Please, get back from the edge!” I shout at her unlistening ears. She has her arms open wide, ready to be caught by deaths grip and be auctioned off to the night at half price […]

  • Just Killed a Man – Fiction Story

    I Just Killed a Man What have I done? I am beautifully crafted with a handful of red, heavily I am bound to this tool until my fingers lose grip. I want to go to that place, the one that calms me, no more shakes. It is a kind of hunger; I have starved myself for […]

  • World War Wednesday

    I’m sitting in this trench; my feet are slowly sinking into the mud and blood puddles. The rain is coming in from the west of the alien country shown in the opposed soldier’s eyes and uniforms, Germany. I press my rifle barrel against my forehead, just last week ago Scotch took the barrel to his […]

  • The Fire Inside Me

    The Fire Inside Me Standing in the flames of these words, all I can do with them is set my world on fire. I’m enjoying this pain; let us dance on the ashes of this painful reminder, life. I am more human than human. I cape over this page as if I were a marvel, […]

  • Saved By An Angel – Part 2

    Saved By An Angel – Part Two As people shoulder straight through Jack, he seems unmoved by their barge, walking side by side with me. Crowds of people are herding either towards school or work, the whole sidewalk is ram-packed. “Okay, time for a game changer, Natalie. What I am planning to do is to […]

  • What Did I Just Write? What Was I Thinking?

    What did I just write? What was I thinking? The jags from their stares wrench and echo beyond my eyes, their eyes are now chock-a-block with a monster. I invert my own look towards a daydream away from this pit of despair I helped dig for them. Hands clenched within my pockets, they will never […]

  • This Pen Is A Monster, It’s The Only One That Gets Me!

    This pen is a monster; it’s the only one that gets me! I’m coming for it all, one last stand on every piece of paper, crumple it up and use them as bombs or make myself paper airplanes. Extremists, Haha! Please… I’m an extreme extremist; I eat terrorists as if they were bubble-gum, see what […]