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Tag: Creative Writing

  • There’s No Sense Like Nonsense

    There’s No Sense like Nonsense I am the devil and I am here to do the devils work! I’ve got my fingers on my own pulse, everyday my body is losing the idea of me. I walk in the sunlight and I burst into a paper ball of flames, bring your marshmallows and shovels; we’re […]

  • Breaking Bad Love

    Breaking Bad Love — You may believe this is a story of another broken-heart, but you’d be wrong. This is a story about overcoming Drug Addiction. I hope this helps you… — These Breaking bad thoughts shimmer to the surface, living in a fantasy world where I shiver in the darkness within a false high. […]

  • Who Am I?

    WHO AM I? — I’m a walking nightmare, my hands around my own throat, can’t shake awake! I’m dying to write dynamic dynamite; writing is my form of dialysis, I need all the badness out. A mental state of emergence has now been issued to you, personally. This is no jocularity; I mean this all […]

  • Alex Kennedy – Creative Writer and Mental Patient

    First-off I would like to thank you for stopping by… I write because words are all I have; I’ll out-rightly out write you because you write what is rightly right! My name is Alexander Kennedy, I am 33 years old and live here in Kingston Upon Hull – England With my Wife (Cacilia) And my […]

  • My First Post of Madness… Enjoy!

    Epilepsy convulsions and split-second spasms, my split decisions from my split personalities, my pride I take that personally, am I really that dampened when damaged? They deaden my deepest wrestling dread in my self-secluded, society excluded anxiety, A shut-in in this Hell in a Cell. My life, that lie, dis’ life will have you questioning […]