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Tag: poetry

  • The Syllable God – Poem

    — In front of this Lunar Eclipse, This let loose humanoid lunatic turns mutant, A grade-A student bullying school kids with the coolest new kicks, Your Jiu-Jitsu flips are my amusement, your life is now truant, stupid! Acoustic screams equipped to my new movement of music, I’m on the run as a fugitive from their […]

  • Who Am I?

    I’m a walking nightmare, my hands around my own throat, can’t shake awake! I’m dying to write dynamic dynamite; writing is my form of dialysis, I need all the badness out. A mental state of emergence has now been issued to you, personally. This is no jocularity; I mean this all the way down to […]

  • If A Writer Doesn’t Write Does That Mean They’re Not Writers?

    Thrashing around in agony, I am an injured run-over animal; slumped in this gutter dying. Internally bleeding for eternity, defensiveness is my primitive art. Keep your distance, my disease may spread and you may contract my illness, being broken. My heart is still in this race for life and when I drive down whoever was […]

  • The Immortal Memoirs – Chapter 1

    The Immortal Memoirs Chapter 1 So once again, I stand on my castle tower staring at my kingdom, the sun has just set and a glow from the horizon still sits waiting to sleep, my only friend and greatest foe. The wind catches my cape and begins to make it almost alive in movement. The […]

  • Thanks

    Just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to all of you for all the wonderful support and love for myself and my work. 🙏🏻

  • Writing This Fear Out

    I’m overdosing on madness, this is my design. Stop me before my thoughts make this pen kill again. I’m hiding under my own bed waiting for myself to wake up, monsters lie here. I and the evilness I possess have a tryst and our relationship is based on volatile trust and bad words such as […]

  • I Can’t Stop Writing

    I’m beautifully damaged and camouflaged behind the words I write down, a hunter ready to strike for your eyes, voice and heart. A personal quiet riot! A waft from the page, can you smell that? That’s not my body odour; it would be my soul I just sold, on fire! I’m tortured in life; my […]

  • The Fire Inside Me

    The Fire Inside Me Standing in the flames of these words, all I can do with them is set my world on fire. I’m enjoying this pain; let us dance on the ashes of this painful reminder, life. I am more human than human. I cape over this page as if I were a marvel, […]

  • Wordless…

    I treasure my secrets so this world cannot find me. An X marks the spot; this is why I write when I am cross. I will wait here for you, I will always be here. Keep digging the dirt from on top of me; you will never uncover my truth. Set sail for a better life, towards […]

  • An Evil Writer Kills With A Pen – Part 2

    I am setting these pages alight, sending all my pieces of work into ashy memory, my own personal fire-shrine. I am the truest word of a writer so no further need for my tongue, cut it and kill it. I will take you on a voyage beyond the word hell – My diary. I am damaged; light-years […]