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Thank You! 13 Posts, 500 Views and over 200 Likes In One Month!

This month has been so great, thank you to every one who has came to my site and read my work. Your support upon my work gives me the drive to write more.

Just wanted to share our progress, we will make it eventually. If you guys keep reading I will keep writing. I promise you.

Keep your pens busy and be safe out there.

Alex Kennedy

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  1. Stuart Danker

    Woop woop! Always great to see milestone posts here on WordPress, especially from a fellow writer. Wishing you all the best and may there be more milestones to come!

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  2. Terveen Gill

    Congratulations Alexander! Keep writing. It’s just the beginning. And there is no end. 🙂


  3. luisa zambrotta


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  4. Goff James

    Well deserved. Happy Writing. Happy Blogging.


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